Applying for Crisis Loans when you have a Student Loan

Crisis loans are provided to people in financial need if they have no other means of obtaining funds available. Once you receive the loan, you won't be expected to pay any interest on repayments and can pay in instalments. You can normally obtain a crisis loan from the Jobcentre Plus Crisis Loan free phone hotline on 0800 032 7952.


To be considered for a crisis loan, you must:

  • be over 16 years of age
  • not have enough money to meet you, or your family's, immediate financial needs
  • think there will be serious damage or danger to you, or your family's, physical and mental health without the loan.

A crisis loan can only be used to pay for short term needs, i.e. travel expenses if you are stranded, daily living expenses, board/logging charges, residential charges if you live in a hostel, pre-pay meter fuel or if you have suffered a disaster, like a fire or flood, and you need help covering replacement/repair expenses.

Crisis loans are paid on the basis of need and circumstances. The Jobcentre will take into account your current savings, any other outstanding social fund debts and whether or not the Jobcentre believes you (or your family) will be in danger without the funds. If other financial means may be available to you, the Jobcentre will also take this into account on your application.

How Do Students Loans Affect Obtaining a Crisis Loan?

Crisis loans are the last option for most people. If you have a student loan, or are studying at university, then you may not be offered a crisis loan because there are other financial means available to you (such as additional student loans from your institution, access to learning funds, or your student loan instalment is due in your account in a few days).

If there are no other means of finance available to and you can provide evidence of this to the Jobcentre, be aware that they will still judge your application on your circumstances. For example, if you share and apartment or live in halls then the Jobcentre may advise you to seek funds from housemates or request help from your institutions, especially if you require a crisis loan for rent. If you are not in immediate danger without the funds, and may only receive a fine or additional charges, then your application may not be accepted.

Student Finance Options

You may be able to apply for other finances rather than applying for a crisis loan. If one of your student loan instalments is due into your account soon, consider using payday lenders. If you are employed whilst studying you should be able to find a payday lender willing to consider your application; many payday lenders now deposit funds on the same day.

Consider appealing to your institution if you require funds for university services, such as accommodation payments, course fees or equipment expenses. Your institution offer payment extensions until you receive your student loan.

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