Curfew insurance for young drivers

Why not consider curfew insurance for young drivers, to help you pay your first insurance quote and get your foot on the insurance ladder. For young males, between 17-19 years old in the UK, a quote of between £4-5k is the norm. This is often more than the total cost of the car. If you agree to not drive after 11pm at midnight you can save up to 40% on the cost of your original quote.

According to the British Insurers Broker's Association, young males are statistically 10 times more likely to kill or injure someone, a fact that is reflected in the high rates of insurance.

A new entry to the market of curfew insurance isi-kube.co.uk, backed by Royal Sun Alliance, which claims to offer 40% cheaper premiums to youngsters who agree not to drive between 11pm and 5am. These hours are chosen as this is statistically when most accidents happen within the UK. If you decide to drive during these hours, you must notify your insurance company and this cost can be up to £45 per night.

This policy is available to those with a travelsupermarket and no convictions or accidents. The policyholder must be aged between 17-25 with a full licence and over 20 with a provisional licence.

There is no doubt that a young driver can save thousands on his/her policy, by agreeing to these driving restrictions. However, it must be noted that to drive during the hours in question, will render you insurance null and void, unless the insurance company has already been notified in advance.

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