Calculating Current Gold Prices in Gram

Gold works opposite to currency; when currency falls in economic downturn the price of gold rises. Why? Because gold never loses value. It's a great investment when currency loses its value, so as soon as the super rich start securing their money in gold assets the price skyrockets in all areas. Even scrap gold is affected by economic changes. The current gold prices in gram will be different day to day so you'll need to keep yourself updated using online gold price listings.


Gold Price Sites

Here's a few sites that show the current gold prices in gram, most of which use all currencies (note that gold is always calculated in dollars so the most accurate price is in dollars, which is then converted to other currencies):

Gold Price (http://www.goldprice.org/)

My Precious (http://www.myprecious.co.uk/news/gold-price-per-gram/)

Bullion Vault (http://www.bullionvault.com/gold-price-chart.do)

Gold Precious Metals (http://www.goldpreciousmetals.com/charts.asp)


Gold Price Calculator Sites

If you need to quickly calculate the current gold prices in gram you can use some real time online calculators. Note that not all calculators are updated as frequently as the sites above:

Gold Per Ounce (http://www.goldperounce.net/)

Gold Price Calculator (http://goldprice.org/Calculators/Gold-Price-Calculators.html)

GoldCalc (http://www.goldcalc.com/)

Gold Price Calculator (http://www.goldpricecalculator.org/)


Calculating the Current Price of Gold in Grams

If you want to calculate the current gold prices in gram yourself you can use values from the real time gold sites. These gold sites calculate the price of gold on the current mark as solid gold most of the time, not carat. Here's what you need to do to find out an accurate real time value of gold:

Current Price x Carat x Grams

For example, 18 carat gold is 75% purity which equals 0.75. The current price is timed by 0.75 and then by the amount of grams, in weight, of your gold. The purity of gold per carat is:

24 carat: 99%

22 carat: 91.6%

21 carat: 87.5%

20 carat: 83.3%

18 carat: 75.0%

15 carat: 62.5%

14 carat: 58.5%

10 carat: 41.7%

9 carat: 37.5%

8 carat: 33.3%

1 carat: 4.2%

The current gold prices in gram for scrap gold may vary considerably from the calculated price of gold because scrap gold merchants take a percentage off the offering price to meet profit margins.

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