Tracking the current UK gold price

Gold has substantially increased in value over the last 24 months. Accruing almost 50% in value to $1827 per troy ounce as investors seek to move their investments from currencies and property into the safer gold market. These moves are based on  fears of quantitative easing and inflation that gold as a physical commodity just does not suffer.

As gold increase almost by the minute tracking the tracking the current UK gold price can be difficult. Using a website like goldprice.org/ allows you to follow the price in real time. It details the price of traded gold in New York, London and Tokyo Commodity exchanges where the price for gold is determined around the clock.

Investing in gold market is easy and can be done in many different ways. You can purchase gold certificates in mints that hold the gold for you or you can physically purchase and hold the gold yourself in the form of gold bullion coins.

Wisdom dictates that the savvy investor should diversify, holding some physical gold but also using share certificates for the safety provided by a mint. For the risk takers out there why not invest in a gold mine, purchasing shares in a gold mine can result in massive profits if lucky!

We recommend goldcore.com/ for your investment research. The website holds statistics, charts and graphs that detail gold prices and trends. Using the site you can also find out how to investment in Sovereign gold coins from the UK mint or share certificates in the Pert Mint.

Remember the price of gold can rise as well as fall and many experts feel that we have entered into a period of gold inflation. Best of luck with your investments.

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