Daily insurance for young drivers can save you a packet

If the idea of forking out for a twelve month car insurance policy is sending shivers down your spine, and that of your bank balance too, then don't fret, for young drivers and every other type of driver, there's another option that could see you on the road for a very small outlay!

Pay as you go car cover is a fast growing sector of the market that more and more drivers are discovering can benefit them. It's especially effective for young drivers, as daily insurance for young drivers can see them build up a body of incident free cover that they can present when they go to get a longer premium, often at a discount thanks to their experience with one day cover.

One such company offering brilliant "One Day" policies in the UK right now is http://www.dayinsure.com/, so lets see what they have on offer. Day Insure offer policies ranging from one to 28 days, and are fully comprehensive, so you'll be protected for every eventuality. Their policies are underwritten by some industry heavy hitters, including Aviva, so you'll be getting quality cover no matter what.

So whether you need cover for a weekend road trip, or even if a friend is borrowing your car for a day or two, Day Insure have the policies you are looking for. You can even get a quote online off them within minutes. So check them out today, and see what they can do for you and your pocket!

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