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Dan Bilzerian is a poker player and internet celebrity from America with a net worth figure that rivals far better known people like movie stars and rock and roll singers. We’ll hold back on telling you the Dan Bilzerian net worth amount until we’ve had chance to give you more of an overview on the man’s glamorous lifestyle.


Bilzerian’s most notable win on the poker table came at the 2009 World Series of Poker event. That year he made 6 appearances on the televised stages of the competition and finished in 180th position which left him $36,626 richer. Aside from that win little is known about the amount of cash he’s won playing the game but he also made some money from establishing an online poker room of his own – Victory Poker. This guy’s won awards through gambling. In 2010, he was named “Funniest Poker Player” by Bluff Magazine. He’s also gain notoriety thanks to his gambler’s mentality which has led him to take on wagers. The $385,000 he won from Supreme Court Litigator Tom Goldstein has to be the most audacious. He gambled Goldstein that he’d beat him around a lap of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Bilzerian drove a 1965 AC Cobra while Goldstein was behind the wheel of a far more modern Ferrari 458 Italia. Bilzerian won the race and pocketed the cash.


Acting is another source of income for Bilzerian. His resume currently includes an appearance as a stuntman in the 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen along with a character role in the 2013 movie Lone Survivor.


As you’d imagine for a high profile poker player, Bilzerian gets some revenue from promoting online gambling sites. He is the face for online casino company bgo so he fronts their TV and web campaigns.

Net worth

We nearly forgot to tell you how much he’s worth. Well, “The King of Instagram” as he’s known is currently worth $100 million.

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