'Dangerous danglers'

Got an air freshner, fluffy dice or a teddy hanging from your rear view mirror? You should think about taking it down, as the AA reports that it could create a blind spot that could be potentially lethal.

And if you're one of those who uses CDs to supposedly avert the glare of speed cameras, you could end up being dazzled in direct sunlight.

The AA talks of there being an 'urban myth that dangling a CD will somehow avert speed camera detection.' Actually, this method doesn't work.

AA president Edmund King said: 'Many drivers seem intent on customising their cars with windscreen clutter which often obscures their view. At a junction a large teddy bear could easily form a blind spot to obscure sighting of a passing pedestrian or cyclist.

'We urge all drivers to remove any dangerous danglers so that they can concentrate on the road ahead.'

The AA report of over 2,000 vehicles found an impressive array of bits and bobs we're prepared to let dangle from the mirror, including a Margaret Thatcher doll, a mini horse and a leprechaun.

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