Switch Your Current Account to Danske Bank UK

Danske Bank has a strong reputation and it is the single largest bank in Denmark. The bank is among the cream of top European banks and represents a safe place to save or invest your money. Lets take a look at the current accounts on offer with Danske Bank UK.

Get Paid to Open a Current Account

Having a current account with Danske is a really nice experience that gives you more control over your money than most other banks. There are 2 current accounts available to new customers. The main option is called Danske Choice and this account gives you access to Danske eBanking, a Maestro Debit card, a Mastercard Credit card and an overdraft of up to £7,500.

The second option called Danske Freedom is available to new customers between the ages of 18 and 27 and it includes the same items as on the Choice account with a lower overdraft amount of £3,000. You will also be eligible to avail of lower interest rates on fixed loans.

Danske Bank UK are currently offering £100 to any new customers that switch their current account to Danske Bank. Once you have set up your new current account you will need to comply with 4 criteria to ensure Danske lodge your free £100 into your brand new account.

The first thing you need to do is lodge £1,250 per month into the account via direct debit. Secondly, you need to log onto your Danske eBanking a minimum of 3 times. Thirdly, simply carry out 3 transactions on your Danske Maestro Debit card. And finally, you need to have 2 direct debits in place on the current account, one of which will already be set up if you complete the first step.

Make the Most of Danske's Mobile Banking App

Danske Bank UK have a high functioning and secure mobile app in place for customers called Mobile Bank UK. With your eBanking ID and password you can log on and manage your accounts, payments, direct debits and transfers all on your handset. This app also includes access to a sophisticated currency converter as well as a nifty ATM map so you can find ATM machines near to your location wherever you are.

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