David Cameron net worth

We don’t really want to know how much the leader of the UK actually has in his pocket do we? He’s already got a lot more power and influence than us so why torture ourselves by finding out that the David Cameron net worth figure is close to £5 million.
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Prime Minister

The British Prime Minister made a lot of his money before he rose to power so thankfully your hard earned taxes haven’t built up the man’s savings too tremendously. Most of his money is tied up in property and other assets. We’ll take you through each in a moment.


Cameron’s country home, which he spends precious little time in nowadays, makes up a large chunk of his net worth as it’s valued at £1 million. The other property he owns in North Kensington, London is worth £1.5 million. The Cameron’s Edwardian terrace house is also worth a pretty penny because it’s valued at £2 million.

Other money

He reportedly received £300,000 from the estate of Ian Cameron who died in 2010. And then there’s his wages. Well thankfully that’s caped at £130,000, the sort of money a company director earns in the UK, so he’s not bleeding the tax payer dry each year.

What’s got him to this point?

The Prime Minister David Cameron has been in office since May 2011. Before then he climbed the greasy pole of politics, beginning as a researcher for the Conservative Party in 1988. He was educated at Eton where he obviously excelled. After becoming a researcher for the Tories, he went onto become a special adviser to the Chancellor. He then fulfilled that position for the Home Secretary. In 2005, he became leader of the Conservative Party following another Labour win at the General Election. Of course, the Tories joined forces with the Lib Dems in 2010 which allowed Cameron to take power and to build on the fortune he had already amassed.

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