Get a pay day loan today online, and don't pay it back till your next pay day

Pay day loans

Everyone has had a month where they do not have quite enough money and applying for a pay day loan online allows them to pay the bills and repay the loan on their next pay day.

Pay day loans are designed as a short term fix for financial problems, they are not designed as a long term solution, and should not be treated as such. There are many different companies offering these loans, and although they offer pay day loans under many different circumstances, they all have something in common, very large interest rates, most interest rates are around 1734% APR.


This site offers pay day loans ranging from £100 to £750. People can apply for the loans through the website and get an instant answer in seconds. The loans are paid into any British bank account usually within 24 hours. They are paid back within a 30 day period. If the site itself can’t help you out then they will direct you to another lender who might be able to help you out.


Quick quid can offer pay day loans ranging from £300-£1500. Quick quid are perhaps one of the most popular pay day lenders, they advertise quite heavily on TV and their adverts appear on a lot of websites. They also aim to pay out any loans the same day, but they offer promotional codes so you can save money on the amount you pay back.

There are other sites that offer pay day loans and sites such as money supermarket will allow you to compare different loans all in one place. It is possible to do this by visiting different sites, but compare sites do it all in one place.

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