Pay Day Quick Credit Loans

When you need a pay day loan with quick credit transfer on the same day you might find yourself in a rush to apply for several lenders at once. The important thing is not to panic; the more lenders you apply for, the heavier the footprint on your credit report. Pay day quick same credit lenders all have specific rules and criteria for each applicant; you'll need to check you're eligible for the loan before apply to avoid rejections. Note that some lenders will pay out on the same day but may add additional fees, or pay on the next working day if you apply on the weekend.


Wonga (http://www.wonga.com)

Wonga can transfer money into your account within 15 minutes of being accepted for the loan. The super fast pay day quick credit offered by Wonga is also available on weekends, but certain banks could take an hour to receive the money (i.e., if your bank does not have fast transfer facilities). You can loan any amount (£1 minimum and £400 maximum for first time customers) for any period of time (between 1 to 31 days).


Lending Stream (http://www.lendingstream.co.uk/)

Lending Stream is a short-term quick same day credit provider with provides a decision for applicants in a matter of seconds. Transfers take around 4 hours to complete, repaid over up to 4 months depending on your circumstances.


Microlend (http://www.microlend.co.uk/)

The application for quick credit from Microlend takes only two minutes and, if accepted, money can be transferred within an hour. Applicants also have the option of rolling their loan over to the next month if they struggled with repayments. Microlend charges £30 per every £100 borrowed with no other interest charges.


QuickQuid (http://www.quickquid.co.uk/)

QuickQuid offers quick credit payouts on an hourly cycle to applicants who past their credit scoring system. Loans can be repaid on the next pay day or taken out over a 2-month period; the quick funds transfer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekend and 365 days a year. Transfer times may vary with some banks or on bank holidays.

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