Looking for some debt advice?

If you're struggling with debt, there's light at the end of the tunnel. There are a host of organisations operating in the UK who can help give you some debt advice. There's no need to continue stressing and worrying about your finances.

Looking for advice with your debts can be a minefield. A lot of companies offering these services, do so with an agenda. Often they'll try and steer you towards some sort of product or "magic cure" that they are offering. We've tried to cut through the jargon and charlatans to provide you with some organisations that can help you weather the storm.

The National Debtline - This organisation is set up to help people under duress from outstanding debts. They are so specialised in this field that they offer a different contact number for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England, as the law concerning debt changes depending on where you are in the United Kingdom.

They offer an information pack to download that contains information on consolidating debts, declaring bankruptcy, and even tips on budgeting. They have a library of factsheets on debts that will allow you to compare your situation with others who have faced the same problems in the past.

They will also allow you to examine whether you qualify for a Debt Relief Order, and see if you can pay off your overheads with a Debt Management Plan. Their emergency helpline is open every day except Sunday, so there's always a representative only a phone call away.

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