Working with debt collection agencies in the UK

If you have a business, you have probably faced the problem of clients who are late paying. Every time you have money overdue, your cash flow becomes affected and your business will suffer accordingly. When recovering the money you’re owed becomes difficult, you should have a look at the services provided by debt collection agencies in UK.

The first thing to do is to look for a debt collection agency that offers services on a no win no fee basis. This way, you can be sure you will not have to pay high commissions if you don’t get your money back. If you’re interested in some debt collection agencies you may contact, here are some ideas.

One of the companies you could consider is Direct Collections LTD (directcollectionsltd.co.uk). Established in 2001, this debt collection agency can help you recover owed money. They also offer collection services where possible, for debts of over £1000. This agency has offices in England and Scotland and you can quickly fill in an enquiry form online.

Another option is Direct Route Collections (directroute.co.uk), an agency that has helped over 6000 businesses recovering their debts. This company offers an online system that allows you to check the progress of your debt any time you want. Generally, it takes an average of 33 days to recover your debt. Direct Route Collections offers its services on a no recovery no fee basis and you can easily submit your query online, mentioning the details of your business and those of the debtor.

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