Should you bother with a debt collection service provider?

Contrary to popular opinion, a debt collection service provider is not just essential to any large corporation. In fact, small-sized businesses may have more to benefit when they outsource their debt collection needs. By having someone else take over the unnecessary hassles of collecting debts, small businesses can then continue focusing on what they do best and, more importantly, on growing and expanding their business.


Debt Collection Services UK offers a wide range of services for debt collection and management. These include, but are not limited to, recovery of commercial and consumer debts, bulk letter service, sales ledger management, and registry searches for lands or companies.

If you wish, DCS can also help you out with debt prevention by performing credit checks on desired subjects. These reports provide comprehensive information about the company being investigated, its accounts and personnel, and other pertinent details like CCJs and whatever data that may be obtained from the registered office.

One report will cost you only £9.95 with an additional fee to be paid as well for VAT. You can, however, pay just £70 as well as additional fee for VAT if you order a 30-credit-report pack.


The Jack Russell Debt Collection Company has one simple promise to guarantee its services: no fee will be paid if no collection has been made. It also has a lot of specialised debt collection service like its Express Debt Recovery programme. With it, you will be able to send a formal legal notice to debtors that have undisputed debts worth more than £3,000.

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