Let a debt collections agency get your money back!

A debt collections agency offers the best way to get back your money from a situation that seems hopeless.Here we run through some of the top debt collections agencies in the UK so you can go directly to them to help you out.

Direct Collections Ltd was established back in 2001 by professional debt collectors with lots of experience in retrieving and collecting bad debts. They are experts at recovering owed money so you will soon be under less financial strain.

Direct Collections Ltd have offices in London, Cheshire and Glasgow and as such are able to offer a nationwide debt collection service within your reach. Visit www.directcollectionsltd.co.uk/ for more information or alternatively for a quote call them directly at 0800 091 4907.

Another reliable and effective debt collections agency operating in the UK is Debt Collection Services UK Ltd. Based in Mirfield, Debt Collection Services UK Ltd offer a personal DCS professional to work with you or your business and keep you fully informed of progress so you are always in the loop as regards to when capital will become available after collection.

DCS recover overdue accounts for individuals and businesses in many different industries. According to their mission statement they set high standards and pride themselves on providing an effective, efficient and ethical service.

With well over 20 years debt recovery experience there are plenty of satisfied customers that have benefited from their services. Their rates are competitive too with a commission fee of 10% being charged on funds recovered with a minimum fee of £25 per debt.

Visit www.dcscollect.co.uk/ or call 01924 499 824 today. You can also email them at mail@dscollect.co.uk.

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