Information on visits from debt collectors

Debt collectors work on behalf of collection agencies and usually call around to a person's home address if they have had no success resolving the debt over the phone or by letter. A visit from a debt collector can be nerve wracking and many people choose not to open the door to them, especially if they do not have the funds to clear the debt. While they may appear hard to work with, a debt collectors main interest is recouping the debt so it is not written off, meaning they are nearly always willing to work with people.

If you receive a letter from a debt collector the first thing you need to do is check that the information on the letter is correct. If you are familiar with the lender than this means no more than checking through personal records to ensure the amount owed is something you were expecting. If you believe you have received a letter from debt collectors in error than you should call the company using the information on the letter. They can then double check the information they hold with the original lender.

If debt collectors visit your home, it is always best to answer the door and talk to them. They can not force their way in nor can they demand you let them in to your property. In fact it is best you deal with them on the doorstep as once you have invited debt collectors in to your home, they may be able to force entry a second time, whether you are there or not. If you do not have the funds you owe, be honest and explain this to them. They will want to know if you work and may ask you for your national insurance number. This is so they can apply for an attachment to earnings if necessary. It is always best you try to arrange a repayment plan with the collectors, which will suit your financial commitments. It is important you maintain any repayment plan organised, to prevent debt collectors visiting your home again.

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