Top debt recovery agencies in the UK

Collecting money owed to you is often best left to specialised companies. The following are some of the top debt recovery agencies in the UK.

Daniels Silverman

Daniels Silverman was set up in 1995 and they have 16 years experience in debt recovery. They are a leading debt collection company and specialise in commercial debt collection and consumer debt recovery. They have experience in all business sectors and industries. They recover over £18 million for their clients every year and have 11,000 live clients at any one time.

Baker and Bond

Baker and Bond specialise in the field of debt recovery and debt collection services. They are committed to recovering 100% of what is owed to you including debts that are up to 6 years old and may have been written off. They have a team of friendly and experienced consultants that provide excellent customer service.

Direct Collections Ltd

Direct Collections Ltd was formed in 2001 by a number of experienced debt collectors. They are a face to face debt collection agency and their aim is to recover owed money through specialist teams of collectors. They provide a direct method of debt collection and visit debtors to arrange repayment schedules. They offer a nationwide service with offices in London, Cheshire and Glasgow.

Millmeads Credit Management

Millmeads are based in Surrey and offer commercial debt recovery services to the UK, Europe and the world. They specialise in commercial debt recovery and bespoke credit management solutions. They help to secure cash flow and maintain customer relations by acting as a middleman between you and your debtor. They are focused on recovering your commercial debt quickly and efficiently.

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