Dent in your finances

Confusing pricing structures, a local monopoly, or bamboozled while under the knife, your wallet can leave the dentist's surgery feeling as bruised as your mouth.

So the Office of Fair Trading, always up for a bit of noseying about, has decided to investigate and is worried about the scale of the costs that have led Brits paying the highest dental costs in Europe.

The OFT said: 'The study will focus on how dentistry services are sold, whether patients are given appropriate information to help them choose between dental practices, the types of treatments on offer and different payment methods in the context of both NHS and private dentistry. It will also look at how easy it is to change dentists, and whether the current system for customer redress works.'

So make sure you always ask questions before you make decisions and explore all your options. Any option make sure you challenge in case there's something cheaper out there. Going to the dentist shouldn't be that painful!

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