If you're a dental nurse do you need indemnity insurance?

Many insurers are willing to provide a dental nurse with indemnity insurance. Dental nurses who work for the NHS don't need to worry about indemnity insurance because it's included in their contacts. But dental nurses who work in the private sector are strongly encouraged to have indemnity insurance to protect themselves against many risks.

Even when dental nurses are working in the private sector, they are often covered by the dentist's professional indemnity insurance. However, the role of dental nurses has changed in recent years and they now carry out more procedures and have more responsibility.

It's sometimes possible for a dental nurse to be added to a dentist's professional indemnity insurance for a small fee, which is usually much cheaper than taking out your own policy. But it can be quite a weak form of indemnity insurance for dental nurses and doesn't cover you against claims that are made for treatment that was carried out without the direct supervision of a dentist.

When you're purchasing dental nurse indemnity insurance, it's highly recommended that you shop around and get as many quotes as possible before deciding on one. Insurance comparison websites, like Simply Business Insurance, are great for doing this in a couple of minutes.

Most dental nurse indemnity insurance policies will cover you against claims made for negligence whilst you were working as dental nurse. Many policies also provide protection in the event that you are required to give evidence in a criminal or coroner's court. And you can also get cover for defamation claims that are made against you arising from your work as a dental nurse.

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