Top deposit account interest rates

We all want to find the best deposit account interest rates around so we get the biggest return on our savings as humanly possible. There are easy ways to compare accounts and we have uncovered some of the best comparison websites that will give you the information you seek.

Money Supermarket

You can compare all UK deposit account interest rates on Money Supermarket. It is easy to use and the list of results are very interactive and you can you can read a full blown review of each account with all the terms and services including all the small print.

If an account looks attractive enough for you to find out more then there are quick links next to each account that will take you directly to that account information on the financial institutions site. This saves having to search around on a banks website. You can get your list right here at moneysupermarket.com/savings/ and this list updates regularly so make sure to check back as often as possible.

Money Extra

For another point of view on the top deposit account interest rates in the UK then visit Money Extra. Like Money Supermarket, this is a great comparison site that is fully interactive and tailored toward the user. Deposit accounts are ranked from the best to the worst so you will naturally be most interested in those accounts at the top of the list.

If you really like one of these then there is an Apply Now option that will take you to the bank you are looking at. Visit moneyextra.com/savings/ to see if there is an account that suits you.

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