Great deposit free car insurance offers

For a long time, nearly every car insurance company required a deposit in order to purchase insurance. However due to increased competition in this sector, many are now offering deposit free car insurance. Previously, it was required to pay a deposit up front in order to start your insurance cover and become insured.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of insurance, is that it makes the payment more manageable. If you are quoted at 60 per month then that is all you will have to pay. You won’t need a lump sum to start your policy.

However, the insurance companies may increase your monthly premiums as no deposit has been given and most companies require you to pay by direct debit to reduce the chance of default. You must be aware of the increase in the premium and compare a no deposit quote, with a quote in which a deposit is paid. If you are not happy, shop around and get the best price.

One such company which offers competitive rates is CIS Car Insurance. They offer a 10% reduction if you apply online and you can get up to a 70% reduction in your premium, if you have the required no claims bonus.

While having no deposit car insurance is a useful tool to have in difficult times, it is important to shop around and be aware of the difference in premiums. However, it takes the hassle out of the initial premium payment and long may the competition in the insurance sector continue

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