Looking to snag a zero deposit morgage?

Getting finance for your first home can be a daunting experience, especially with the current state of the economy. Financial institutions were in favour of dishing out zero percent deposit mortgages previously, however, that's all changed. So what can you do?

Houses in the UK have literally never been more affordable. The economy is starting to enjoy a slight rebound, with more and more people finally feeling secure in their jobs, secure enough to start contemplating perhaps a change in scenery.

Unfortunately, this optimism hasn't been matched by a lot of banks, who have steadfastly been sticking to their policy of not giving out 100% mortgages. However, there is a solution out there to help with your quandary.

The main online provider of no deposit mortgages in the UK is the Homebuyers Advice Centre, with their website at - http://www.hacmortgages.co.uk/no_deposit_mortgages.htm well worth a look. The Homebuyers Advice Centre are more than willing to entertain the idea of a no-deposit mortgage, and they'll even hear you out if you have a bad credit history, or you've been turned down by other mortgage providers. They are even willing to include the Stamp Duty and legal fees in the mortgage so you have more money to set up house.

They can provide this service thanks to the fact they act as a broker and take on numerous small mortgages on your behalf from various providers, before passing them all on to you in one big package. Check them out today!

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