Diamond car insurance: it's not for men

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It's a bitter pill to swallow for male drivers, but Diamond car insurance is not for men. Diamond is an exclusive car insurance company that caters specifically to women drivers and offers them one of the best car insurance packages on the market. There's a long list of benefits with Diamond car insurance that you won't get anywhere else.

What other insurance company provides cover for handbags, children's accessories and also emails you the latest fashion and hair trends? The answer is none; Diamond is the only insurance company in the UK that provides an insurance package designed for women only.

One of the biggest advantages of taking out car insurance with Diamond for women is the low prices they offer. Women have always been viewed as safer drivers by insurance companies and as result are offered substantially lower quotes by insurers. With no reckless male drivers on their books to worry about, Diamond are in a great position to offer women the lowest quotes you'll find anywhere.

And if you purchase your car insurance online, you can avail of an extra 10 per cent discount with Diamond.

Many of the benefits you find with other insurance companies are available with Diamond. With their comprehensive car insurance package, you get 90 days cover for driving in the EU, a courtesy car while your own one is being repaired and up to £100,000 for legal expenses. And if you add a named driver to your policy, they qualify for a protected no claims discount.

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