Did you know ...?

While being on the internet seems to be everyone's favourite past time these days, nine in ten of us have no idea that it's possible to log on outside your home for free.

And if you're one of the six million BT customers you automatically have unlimited Wi-fi access when you're out and about.

Charlie Ponsonby, CEO of Simplifydigital.com said: 'We estimate that of the thousands of customers looking for broadband deals that we speak to every single week, fewer than one in ten understand that you can get free Wi-Fi access with home broadband packages.'

'Customers are focused on understand the basics of their broadband package when they buy – like speed, download limits and parental control. Very few understand the hidden benefits like free Wi-Fi access'

Ponsonby said that BT and O2 are paving the way for free wi-fi availability outside the home. BT wouldn't comment on the figures, suggesting that their customers are unaware of the service, but did say that their new customers are notified about their unlimited wi-fi as part of the set-up process, and are then emailed login details.

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