Have you considered Direct Dial car insurance yet?

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Direct Dial was launched in June 1995 to find UK customers the best possible rates on a number of insurance products. Over 15 years later, they have an established UK customer base and they provide a wide range of insurance options to cover whatever you need. Direct Dial car insurance is their best selling service and you can benefit from massive discounts on premium car insurance policies.

Direct Dial help you to take the hassle out of finding your car insurance. They search some of the UK's leading providers of cover to find you the best policy at the best price. Even when your policy is up for renewal, they will automatically search the entire market for you again, so you can be assured you are always getting the best deals available to you.

With Direct Dial you can pick from one of two car insurance options:

  1. Third party fire and theft - Covers you for accidental damage to another person or their property. Your own property is not insured. You are also covered for fire damage to the vehicle or theft of the car.
  2. Fully Comprehensive - This premium level of cover can be seen as an all risks covered policy. As well as the above, you are also insured for accidental damage to your vehicle. Most comprehensive policies offer more benefits that third party fire and theft.

Want to get a quote from Direct Dial? Call their UK helpline free of charge on 0800 107 0789 or log onto dialdirect.co.uk.

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