What is Direct Line home insurance

Direct Line home insurance currently offers a person two levels of cover to choose from, which both offer different things. Before deciding on the one you wish to purchase, you should be clear on what each cover entails to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

The first level of cover is simply known as Direct Line home insurance. This level covers valuables and belongings upto a combined value of £50,000 and covers your building for up to £1,000,000. Legal advice and accidental damage is not included but can be added as an extra feature if you need it.

The second level of cover is the Direct Line home insurance plus. This covers your belongings for up to £50,000 as well as another £10,000 to cover any valuable items you may own. Your building is insured for an unlimited amount and legal advice along with accidental damage cover comes as standard. With this level of cover you also receive £500 home emergency cover, which means Direct Line will pay for any emergency repairs needed to your home up to the quoted amount. You will also receive free ID fraud assistance.

The Direct Line home insurance help line is based in the UK and they do offer possible discounts for people who either purchase more than one policy or who recommend others who go on to purchase a policy. Your contents insurance will temporarily raise during the Christmas period to account for gifts etc. However, it is important you inform your home insurers of any changes, such as when you get married, as this kind of information will affect your policy. They have a 24-hour claim line, meaning you can lodge a claim on your insurance as soon as you need too.

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