Check out the deals on offer from Direct Line Car Insurance groups

Looking for a company that can help you get a fantastic deal on your Car Insurance? You won't find them on any insurance comparison sites, but Direct Line Car Insurance groups offer some brilliant deals and heavy discounts for careful drivers. So let's take a look.

Direct Line are one of the UK's most prominent car insurance providers with their advertisement featuring the driving telephone an ever present feature on our screens. Right now, they've got some unbelievable deals going on for car insurance on their site at directline.com.

We recommend Direct Line due to the sheer number of discounts and offers they have going on. For starters, they are offering full No Claims Discount recognition for Named Drivers, meaning every person insured on your policy will earn their own discount. This is handy for a young driver looking to build up their history without it costing the earth.

If you are the only driver on your car insurance policy, you will enjoy an extensive discount if you insure another car in your name through Direct Line. This discount works in the same way as a No Claims Discount, so it will be reduced if you make a claim.

Direct Line will also recognise your Company Car No Claims Discount, and will use it towards your current No Claims Discount. This only applies if you are over 25.

If you insure more than one car with Direct Line, they are also willing to offer you up to 45% off your Breakdown Cover if you take it out with them. There's also a discount for drivers who have taken the Pass Plus Test.

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