We check out what's on offer from Direct Line classic car insurance

Looking to take out an extensive Car Insurance policy to keep your classic car safe? If so, did you know that Direct Line are offering a brilliant Direct Line classic car insurance policy right now, and it offers comprehensive cover at an extremely competitive price. So let's take a look...

Unlike a lot of other insurers, you won't find Direct Line's products on insurance comparison sites. You are going to have to visit their site directly at directline.com to check out their policies. They haven't been offering Classic Car Insurance for long, but their product matches up extremely well with the specialist classic car insurance companies like Footman James.

Their classic car insurance policies don't differ an awful lot from their regular car insurance policies. They are offering a 70% No Claims discount, and they will offer an agreed value on all classic car insurance policies. Like most other classic policies, you'll enjoy discounts for being a member of a driving club, and you'll also get discounts when the car is in storage or being repaired.

You can save even more money on your policies by matching up your other insurance with your Direct Line policies. They offer a multi-car discount if you insure your regular car, and they also offer up to 25% off their home insurance product if you have a car insurance policy with them. There's also the same 25% discount on their Breakdown Cover.

Check them out today for a brilliant deal on your classic car insurance.

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