Get a great deal on Direct Line indemnity insurance

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If your business has any contact with the public, it's highly recommended that you take out an indemnity insurance policy. The risks are just too great without it. Direct Line indemnity insurance offers a high level of protection for your business from a wide range of risks.

The most popular type of indemnity insurance for businesses in the UK is public liability insurance. Any business who deals with clients, customers or members of the public on their business premises should consider taking out public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance provides cover against claims made by a third party for injury, death or damage to their property sustained by dealings with your business. For example, if you own a shop and someone came in and slipped on the floor, public liability insurance would cover you for any personal injury claims made against you by that person.

Direct Line offers public liability insurance as standard cover under 8 of their business insurance products, including tradesman insurance, landlord insurance and shop insurance. Most of the policies provide public liability insurance worth up to £2 million, except for tradesman insurance, which provides cover worth up to £1 million.

A number of the business insurance products from Direct Line also provide cover for product liability insurance. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers all have a responsibility that their products are safe for the public to use. Any product that causes injury, death or damage to the property of a member of the public will likely result in a large claim being made. Your only protection against this is product liability insurance.

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