Do I need public liability insurance for my business?

Do I need public liability insurance for my business? In the UK and Ireland, public liability insurance is generally not a legal requirement, unless you're in a niche industry, like horse riding. Although you may not be forced by law to have public liability insurance for your business, you could benefit enormously from it.

Businesses that are the most likely to need public liability insurance are ones where members of the public and customers tend to be on the business premises. Shops, pubs and restaurants would fall into this category.

Public liability insurance covers you against claims made by people for injuries sustained while on your business premises. It also covers against claims made for property damage sustained by you or your business. And it also covers legal expenses, costs and other expenses that may arise out of a claim being made.

Insurance companies work out a premium for public liability insurance based on the type of business and an estimate for the level of activity of the business. This will usually be the turnover, although other factors may be used. For example, premiums for a restaurant might be calculated on the number of tables provided to reflect the number of potential customers at any one time.

There are a staggering number of conditions, exclusions and warranties that can be included on public liability insurance policies. It's important that you're aware of everything that's included on your policy before you sign any documents. You can easily compare policies for public liability insurance on the Simply Business Insurance website.

Hopefully this answers the question do I need public liability insurance for my business for you.


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