Do you need a car but can't get finance?

Are you in desperate need a car but can't get finance? If so, then have you considered leasing a new car? Countless drivers in the UK have grabbed themselves a sparkling set of new wheels despite not having the money to purchase one. In this blog we are going to show you a company offering some brilliant deals on car leasing right now.

If you're looking for a brilliant deal on lease cars, then we highly recommend you check out Contract Hire and Leasing, and you can find them online at contracthireandleasing.com. Contract Hire and Leasing claim to offer over 350,000 vehicles for lease, including brand new models of all of the UK's best selling vehicles. It's easy to see why they're so popular!

Even for people who have the money to buy a new car, leasing can often be the best possible course of action due to the massive depreciation suffered by a lot of cars. Contract Hire and Leasing specialise in leasing cars to individuals, and the way it works is that you sign a contract to take on a car for a certain length of time, generally two years, after which you have the option to buy the car, extend the lease, or else begin leasing a newer model for around the same price.

To give an example of the smashing deals on offer from Contract Hire and Leasing, they are currently offering a brand new Ford Focus 1.6 ltr engine with five doors for £199.99 per month on a two year contract. This represents a massive saving on the cost of buying it outright.

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