Doctors indemnity insurance in Ireland is a must-have

Doctors indemnity insurance in Ireland is essential if you're a registered GP or a doctor in a hospital. It's available under a professional indemnity insurance policy and will cover doctors against a wide range of risks they face on a daily basis.

Although professional indemnity insurance is not a legal requirement for doctors in Ireland, it's extremely reckless to work without it; especially when you consider the size of settlements these days for even minor claims.

Any person who offers advice, designs or skills in return for payment is regarded as an expert by the general public. If that person is negligent in providing their advice and skills there is a very high chance that they will make a claim against you and your business.

With many claims against doctors resulting in compensation worth millions of pounds being paid, you're risking the very future of your practice if you operate without doctors indemnity insurance.

Once you have decided to purchase doctors indemnity insurance, the most important thing to assess is how much cover you need. Not being properly covered is almost as bad as not having insurance at all and still carries the potential to finish your business.

When deciding how much cover you need it's vital that you take a realistic view of the possible damages and legal expenses that the business could be become liable for.

Many insurance companies have a minimum level of cover that they will provide to their business customers. For doctors, £250,000 is probably the lowest level of cover that you would be comfortable working with.


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