Dodgy mum and dad's car insurance scam

Many parents insure their kids by putting sown their own name first and their offspring as secondary driver. It’s an illegal practice called ‘fronting’ that insurers and the police are now on to.

Peter Harrison, a car insurance expert at comparison website Moneysupermarket.com, is surprised how commonplace it has become. He said: ‘It is deeply worrying how many people are taking the risk by 'fronting' on car insurance, especially as this practice is illegal and will be classified as fraud by an insurer.’

Mr Harrison continued that though it looks like a canny wheeze, the risks of doing it are considerable. ‘There can be serious repercussions if the parents, or the young driver, are caught fronting because their insurance will be invalidated,’ he said.

Further ramifications could result in a younger driver ending up in court being charged with driving without insurance,’ he added.

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