Does brand affect your car insurance?

If you've been striving hard to bring down your insurance premium, then you'll know by now it's a frustrating exercise. There are so many little things you can do to try and save a bit of cash, but the ultimate thing we recommend is changing the brand cars insurance, it could save you a packet.

Many people see their car as a prestige purchase. They will splash out a massive wedge of cash to try and get a car that gives them social standing. However, what's the point in spending big on a car that's going to cost you a fortune to insure?

If you're willing to compromise a little on the type of car you drive, then you'll enjoy lower risk of vandalism, theft, and even accidents if the engine size shrinks too. To us it seems like a no-brainer. Getting a less prestigious brand of car is also the easiest way for young drivers, the often picked on relation in the driver market, to lower their premiums drastically.

Also look at the reliability record of your potential car. Insurers will have done their homework on this subject, and will know which cars represent a higher risk. So why not have a play around with a few online quote providers and see what type of quotes they spit out for cars you are thinking of purchasing?

There are other, smaller things, you can do to continue bringing the premium down. Fitting an immobiliser and tracker to your car will see your premium slide right down.

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