Donald Trump net worth

Donald Trump is one of the world’s richest men but he’s actually only the 405th richest person in the world. That’s astonishing when you realise that the Donald Trump net worth figure exceeds $4 billion.


The man responsible for bringing the world The Apprentice is only the 133rd richest American but when you consider celebrities only, he’s the 33rd richest in the world. His wealth is huge but it’s nothing compared with the money Bill Gates has ($79 billion), or the fortune in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg ($33 billion). There are lots of others with more cash than Trump, but none have names the world would instantly recognise.


With a collection of trophy properties in his portfolio including places on Wall Street, Trump Tower and his golf resort in Miami, real estate provides Trump with a massive income. The man’s brand is also generates loads of cash for the entrepreneur. This guy’s the only real estate billionaire in Forbe’s latest list who tweets. He’s also known for making speeches, appearing on The Apprentice and being a media darling in general.


His venture into politics might have got the media’s attention for a lot of the wrong reasons but it’s also something that’s gaining a lot of support because Trump has money. He’s obviously using his cash to help push himself as a potential President of the USA but the main trust of his campaign centres on the man’s trustworthiness because he has money. Trump says that if he was in office, no one could bribe him.

Net worth over time

Back in 1988 Trump was worth a meagre $1 billion. Over the past few decades the man’s wealth has risen by 300%. Filing for bankruptcy on four occasions probably didn't help.

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