Donate food through Sainsbury's

A new scheme piloted by Sainsbury's will this week ask shoppers to donate food from their trollies to charity. Trialled in 19 stores, if successful the scheme could be coming to a Sainsbury's near you soon.

As 40 percent of community projects relying on food donations struggle to meet demand, Sainsbury's has stepped in to work with charity FareShare, that distributes surplus food from retailers and distributes it to charities – thus saving them around £8 million a year.

Sainsbury's retail and logistics director, Roger Burnley, said: 'The food we donate to FareShare tends to be fresh produce as this has the shortest shelf life. However, to make a nutritious meal, you need more than just fresh food, which is why we would like to give customers the opportunity to donate store cupboard items.'

Chief executive of FareShare, Lindsay Boswell, added: 'FareShare is a cost-effective solution to the food industry's surpluses. By adding a single packet of rice, or one bag of sugar to the weekly shop donated to us during this trial, Sainsbury's customers will be making an enormous difference to our ability to support hungry and vulnerable people in their area with healthy and nutritious food. '

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