Double Glazing Indemnity Insurance Cover

Since April 2003 all replacement windows must be issued with a FENSA certificate. This is especially important for double glazing windows, which may be of an inferior quality. A FENSA certificate is highly recommended to ensure the windows were installed correctly, meet certain regulations, have effective insulation and are safe. However, double glazing indemnity insurance can be sought if a FENSA certificate wasn't issued.

FENSA Certificate for House Sale

If you are planning on selling a house you must have a FENSA certificates for any windows replaced after April 2003. You cannot sell your home otherwise. However, double glazing indemnity insurance can be an alternative to a FENSA certificate and still allows you to sell your home, but it won't ensure windows are installed safely and correctly. Some buyers may still be hesitant to purchase a home without a FENSA certificate, despite the additional indemnity insurance.

Building Control Enforcement

If you don't have a FENSA certificate and wish to take out double glazing indemnity insurance as an alternative, do not make Building Control or your local authority aware of your lack of a FENSA certificate. If Building Control or a local authority are aware of your situation you will not be allowed to take out double glazing indemnity insurance.

Double Glazing Indemnity Insurance Coverage

Indemnity insurance only covers you for financial costs associated with replacing windows due to Building Control enforcement. However, it is always better to purchase a replacement FENSA certificate or have an authority survey the windows before selling or purchasing a home. In the event Building Control does not investigate the replacement windows you could be living in a home with unsuitable insulation from the windows or even dangerous work. A FENSA certificate will ensure all replacement windows meet regulations, but double glazing indemnity insurance won't.

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