Thinking about taking out driver car insurance? Before you race ahead, read this

An excellent place to kick-start your driver car insurance search is by visiting the website of Q4. This is a company that compares and contrasts the car insurance policies from insurers all around the UK. All you have to do is fill in your details in their online quote form and they will go to some of the leading car insurance companies websites and get personalised quotes for you.

This saves you the hassle of going door-to-door insurance searching! They get quotes from brokers and direct car insurance providers as well. Once you have checked out their choice of car insurers, you simply click through to the relevant company's website and you can get in contact with them directly.

Another good resource worth checking out is Aviva. This is the world's fifth-largest insurance group and the largest insurance services provider in the UK. And they have some great deals! Similarly, you just complete their online form to get a free quote on driver car insurance that suits the requirements of your vehicle. These guys also offer short-term car insurance, where you can purchase a policy for a period of one to 28 days.

If you have more than one car that needs to be insured then you can also take a quiz at Admiral. This company offers a Multicar policy which gives you bigger discounts on multiple car insurance coverage. What's more, they can combine all your cars on a single policy, making it simpler and easier for you to keep track of your paperwork!

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