Drivers insurace doesn't have to cripple you

Drivers insurace is one of the biggest expenses when you're trying to get a car on the road. Unfortunately, drivers insurance is legally required in the UK, so there's no way of avoiding it, but you can keep the costs down.

Insurance companies look at a number of different factors when they're calculating a premium. One of the most important things is the type of car you want to get insured in.

Cars that are fast and powerful are seen as risky investments by insurance companies. The chances of these cars being involved in a claim is far higher than in standard cars, and insurance companies cover themselves by charging drivers a much higher premium.

The cost of spare parts and the length of time it would take to repair your car can also affect your drivers insurance. Cars that would typically require large sums of money to repair can always expect to pay higher costs for insurance.

One of the best ways to keep your drivers insurance down is to drive safely. If you build up a few years' no claims bonuses, insurance companies will come to view you as a safe driver and reward you with lower premiums accordingly.

Tracker insurance is a great way for safe drivers to secure cheap car insurance. A small device transmits information on your driving, such as how often you drive, how fast you drive and where you drive, back to the insurance company. They can then use this information to calculate a fair premium reflective of your driving habits.

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