We look at the young drivers scheme for HGV licenses

Due to a shortage in qualified drivers around the United Kingdom, the Department of Transport have recently introduced a brand new young drivers scheme for HGV licenses which enables young drivers to get themselves their full Category C HGV driving licence at the new age of 18 rather than the previous minimum age requirement of 21. This means that not only will you be able to get your brand new driving career underway at an earlier time, but you'll be able to build up experience much earlier than you previously could.

As well as the Category C HGV license, you'll now be able to get a full Category C+E HGV license before you turn 21. This marks a huge change in policy by the United Kingdom government, and goes to illustrate just how important heavy goods vehicle drivers are to the British economy.

The scheme is managed by a company called Skills for Logistics who are the sector skills council for the United Kingdom's freight logistics based industries. Their aim is to help employers within the logistics industry in the United Kingdom to gain advantage in the market place by helping to develop the skills of their workforce.

Their focus is very much on the training side of things, with on the job and external up-skilling playing a huge part in their vision. Through their wide range of strategic plans, they are seeking to build a much more productive UK logistics sector which is more efficient than ever in order to lower the industry's carbon footprint and increase the level of competitiveness in the global sector.

For information on how to apply for the young drivers scheme for HGV licenses you can check out the Skills for Logistics website at www.skillsforlogistics.org.

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