Finding suitable driving instructor insurance

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to find yourself suitable driving instructor insurance is to sign up with a broker service. There are plenty of them available online or via a telephone helpline, and they can take all the stress out of finding the right insurance for you. Most broker services do not charge a fee, so make sure you double check the small print before signing up with one.

One of the largest driving instructor insurance broker services are called Instructor Cover Plus. This broker service is free of charge and they will find an insurance policy tailor made for you. Not only that but if you purchase an insurance policy through them , you also receive extra benefits. These include a 24/7 claim helpline, breakdown cover which includes a home start if your car breaks down on or outside your property and they do pay any excess you may be charged by your loan company in the event of an accident claim.

Waveney Insurance Brokers is also a large company offering various levels of driving instructor insurance. This company specialises in providing car insurance for instructors who are ADI qualified. They also provide fleet cover at a reasonable rate, which is ideal if your driving school has more than one dual-controlled car and driving instructor. Waveney provide car insurance for some of the UK's biggest named driving schools, including the British School of Motoring (BSM).

Before purchasing driving instructor insurance it is absolutely essential you ensure you have the correct level of cover for your driving school. Many insurance companies, while offering a full range of services with their insurance, do not offer public liability insurance. This is something a driving instructor is required to have, so you will need to arrange that separately through a different insurer.

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