Our guide to using a Stamp duty calculater (calculator)

If you're about to take the plunge and buy yourself a new home, then you'll soon be encountering the dreaded Stamp Duty, long the bane of home purchasers worldwide. It's unavoidable, but at least you can go into the deal with your eyes open, and that's where we come in.

The quickest, and easiest way to figure out your upcoming liabilities, is to use one of the handy Stamp Duty calculater that you'll find online from a multitude of websites. Before we get started on the calculator, it's worth pointing out the current Stamp Duty Holiday which is in effect in the UK.

Currently, anyone buying their first home won't need to pay stamp duty on a home purchased for under £250,000. This is marvellous news, as it will allow a boost to the housing market with more people than ever before able to take the plunge and snap up a house. The "Stamp Duty Holiday" is in effect until April 2012, so there is still plenty of time left!

If you want to figure out the cost of stamp duty on an upcoming purchase, then we recommend checking out http://www.stampdutycalculator.org.uk and click on their Stamp Duty Calculator tab. This will bring you to a handy online resource where you input some minor information, and it will come up with an estimate instantly.

We recommend this website because it is, in effect, a one stop shop for Stamp Duty information, so it's usefulness doesn't end with the calculator. Check it out today!

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