Duty rates from China to UK

Manufacturing stuff in China is way cheaper than it is anywhere else so it stands to reason that buying stuff directly from the People’s Republic of China will also be cheaper. We’ve taken a look into so you’ll know what duty rates from China cost.
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Import duty and taxes are levied when you import goods from China no matter whether you’re a business or individual. The valuation of the charge is based on the CIF method. This uses the Cost, Insurance and Freight charges to work out the duty tax which means that the whole shipping value is subject to the duty. As well as duty, imports are subject to consumption tax and sales tax (VAT).

VAT rates

Standard 20% VAT is applied to imported items coming into the UK, although some items like children’s car seats only attract a 5% fee. Books, clothes and shoes for kids and other similar items are VAT exempt. The VAT amount is charged on the value of the goods, the cost of shipping them to Britain and the insurance charges attached to the shipping.

Duty rates

This is applied to most things imported into the United Kingdom but the percentage changes depending on the item. Books don’t attract a tax as it’s set a 0%, while other items for example boots are taxed at 17%. Laptops, mobile phones, video games consoles and digital cameras are duty free however items like bicycles attract a massive 48% fee.

Final word

The tax amounts are in place to encourage or discourage imports from China. If you’re in business, you’ll know what can easily and cheaply be manufactured or purchased from China and what can’t. The major difference between these items won’t be the cost of labour and parts, it’ll be the taxes levied onto them by the government.

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