Need help finding the e Car insurance phone number?

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The e Car insurance phone number is 0906 736 6522. If you're searching for the best deal around on car insurance, you might want to give them a call. Because they're an online business with no offices to run, they can pass substantial savings on to their customers.

You can speak to an e Car insurance advisor from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Calls costs £1.02 a minute, but if you're calling from a mobile it may cost more. There are other options available for contacting e Car. You can access the online helpdesk on their website, where the majority of customer queries can be answered.

Alternatively, you could send an email. The email address is enquiries@ecarinsurance.co.uk. E Car will respond to your email within 4 hours and the advantage of emails is they'll be answered over weekends.

There are many different insurance policies you can avail of with e Car. The most popular is the standard policy. Standard policies include protected no claims discount for life, a no claims discount accelerator, breakdown cover, legal cover, European driving cover and the possibility of cover for multiple drivers and vehicles.

The pay as you drive car insurance policy from e Car is also very popular and is a great way of reducing the amount you pay for car insurance. It operates by attaching a tracker to your car that tells e Car how much you're driving and how fast. If they're happy with your driving skills, you could save a fortune with pay as you go car insurance. Just give them a call on the e Car insurance phone number.

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