Earn cash as a DIY courier

Now you can make your car go the extra mile by becoming a casual courier.

Anyvan website helps you cover the petrol costs of your journey by putting you in touch with people who need things shifting along your route.

Angus Elphinstone, 28, started the website with vans and transport companies in mind, but has been overwhelmed by a flood of ordinary car owners registering on the site.

'The cost of living is becoming increasingly expensive and people are having to try harder to make ends meet,’ Angus tells the Telegraph. ‘We’ve seen a noticeable increase in car and campervan users registering.

‘It might not be a huge amount of money for some trips, but if you can make some cash back on a journey you’re going to make anyway, then why not?

‘There are three advantages really: it earns the driver a bit of extra money, it’s often a cheaper option for the person who wants the item couriered and it’s better for the environment.’

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