E-bay gum, that's a good bargain!

Shopping on the internet is not only more convenient than traipsing down the high-street – it can be cheaper too. And figures from online auction site eBay show that more shoppers are turning to the site to trade clothes at rock bottom prices.

Figures show that the sale of shoes, accessories and clothes has rocketed 55% in the last two years.

eBay's Ruth Szyszkowski told the Telegraph: 'The constant squeeze on the fashionista's purse has seen many turn to online for an easy fashion hit without the extra overheads. Our clothes, shoes and accessories category is still the most visited on eBay, especially when shopping via mobiles.'

She added that flogging goods on eBay has become the number one way of getting rid of unwanted goods: 'We've also seen the number of people who sold on the site increase by 13% between 2009 and 2010,' she said. 'Interestingly, we're also seeing a massive shift over the years in instant gratification purchases and now 60% of items sold globally are at a fixed price rather than auction.'

In contrast to eBay's good fortunes, the clothes shops in the high street are having an increasingly hard time of it, with the British Retail Consortium announcing an unprecendented drop in sales last month of 1.9%.

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