EBS Personal Loans let you manage your money easily

The EBS Building Society is one of Ireland's best known (and longest tenured) mortgage lender and savings establishments. Historically, it hasn't really been well known for providing personal financial services. However, that has all changed, EBS personal loans are growing in popularity all the time, fast becoming one of the best products on the market.

The EBS is one of Ireland's most conservative financial institutions, historically only lending money for house purchases. They have largely avoided the financial black hole which has engulfed Irish banks as they remained slightly more grounded in their dealings than the likes of AIB (Allied Irish Banks) and the Bank of Ireland. This leaves them well positioned to provide an excellent personal loan package.

EBS launched their personal finance section in 2004, in conjunction with GE Capital, and their rates have remained ultra competitive ever since. Members of the building society can borrow from E1,000 to E35,000 over a term of one to five years.

Unlike other institutions, your previous dealings with the EBS will have a bearing on how much the loan will cost you. The more business you have done with EBS, the better the interest rate offered will be.

The optimum rate a borrower can expect is 6.9pc APR, which EBS claims is the best in the market. However, the rate can go up to 12.49pc APR depending on the borrowers profile.

So, if you've a history of dealing with EBS in the past, then their personal loan package could be right for you!

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