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If you're searching for the cheapest possible car insurance, a good place to start is eCar insurance. Because eCar don't operate any call centres they're in a wonderful position to pass the savings on to their customers; all eCar insurance contact numbers and email addresses can be easily found on the eCar website.

There are a number of excellent benefits to eCar insurance that you might be interested in hearing about. Once you have accumulated 5 years' no claims discount with eCar, it's protected for life. It doesn't matter how many accidents you have and claim for after the 5 years, your no claims discount will remain in place and put you in line for serious savings on your car insurance.

You can also accelerate your no claims discount if you opt for the pay as you go monthly policy. Under this policy, you're entitled to 1 year's no claims discount for 8 months of accident free driving. This means that you can get your protected 5 years' no claims discount in just 40 months of claim free driving.

If you like to take your holidays in Europe, you'll be delighted to know that eCar offer their customers 365 days cover in mainland Europe at no extra charge. While some insurance companies charge a fortune for this privilege, it comes as standard on all eCar policies.

And for cars that are no older than 8 years old, you also get breakdown cover included on all eCar insurance policies. This fabulous offer entitles you to roadside repairs, home breakdown and vehicle recovery, if you ever need them.


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