Ed Miliband net worth

Ed Miliband isn’t the most dynamic of men and he’s not the greatest of leaders but he’s a very fortune guy with a lot of cash in the bank. Whether you vote Labour or not, you’ll want to know what the Ed Miliband net worth amount is built up with.
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Ed’s not someone who lives the simple life. He’s a man in a mansion. The home he owns is worth a cool £2.3 million. This guy isn’t the man of the people that he makes out by being pictured on the set of Coronation Street or in the many speeches he makes where he stands up for traditional Labour values.

Working class roots

This guy isn’t the working class hero that former Labour leaders were, he earns £130,000 a year and his wife Justine Thornton pulls in a further £200,000 a year so the Miliband’s household routinely takes home eight times the national average household income. Miss Thornton’s rather sizable contribution to the cause is from her position as an environmental law expert. She and Ed Miliband also have inherited funds that helped them set up home in luxury.


Miliband is also wealthy because he inherited money from his father Ralph. He also took a share in the value of the family home he grew up in. Although family money got him a start, Miliband’s been clever with his cash. He took the family inheritance and bought a flat with it during the 1980s for around £100,000. With the profits from that home and a sizable mortgage he purchased a home in Hampstead for £650,000 which he sold on for a £90,000 profit in 2009. With £630,000 that Miss Thornton took from the sale of her house, the couple were about to set up home in the property they currently share.

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