EDF Boiler Care Plan Cover

EDF boiler cover is provided by the EDF Energy Boiler Care plan in conjunction with Europ Assistance. The cover intends to protect anyone who takes out the policy from unexpected boiler breakdowns, emergency repairs or inconvenient boiler mishaps. Like more insurance policies you'll pay monthly for the EDF boiler cover plan and receive a range of benefits.

Year Round Service

EDF boiler cover is a year round service. Call centre staff and engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; boilers can break down at anytime so it's especially important to take out insurance that covers you all year round.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

The "Corgi" registered engineer status no longer exists. Instead, all engineers must be registered as "Gas Safe" to ensure they provide a quality service and keep you safe during and after repairs. All engineers employed by EDF are Gas Sage registered so you know your home and boiler are in safe hands.

Costs up to £1,500 Per Year

EDF boiler cover insures the cost of repairs, labour, spare parts and VAT up to £1,500 per year. It's unlikely your boiler will cost you more than this each year so you shouldn't end up paying extensive amounts to repair your boiler if it breaks down.

Contribution Towards New Boilers

Although the EDF boiler cover plan doesn't cover the cost of purchasing a new boiler should you require one they will offer to pay towards the cost of a new system. You can also have a Gas Safe engineer from EDF fit the new boiler.

Boiler Care Plus Plan

If you opt for a EDF boiler cover Care Plus you'll receive a free annual service during your contract. This isn't available on the normal EDF boiler cover plan but for an extra £5 per month you can have annual servicing and safety checks included, as well as other benefits.

12 Month Cover

The plan covers you for 12 months, with no obligation to stay with EDF afterwards. The normal EDF boiler cover costs £12.10 per month, whereas the Care Plus plan (which includes annual checks and safety inspections) costs £17.49 per month.

Full Cover

EDF boiler cover insures you for the following:

  • Room thermostat and time control
  • Single boiler and controls
  • Radiators and radiator valves
  • Expansion tanks
  • Motorised and selector valves
  • Circulating pumps
  • Labour charges (including VAT and spare parts)

However, some boiler models are excluded from the EDF boiler cover plan. To find a list of all excluded models, visit: http://www.savetodaysavetomorrow.com/SaveEnergy/

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